Rustic Vanilla Bean Almond Butter

Since receiving a food processor from the girls at work for a going away present I have made hummus, a raw vegan chocolate torte, banana ice cream, and now almond butter. I don’t think I will be buying nut butters anymore when it’s this easy to make your own!


1 c raw almonds
1/4 c hemp seeds
1/4 c ground flax
1 tbsp Udo’s oil (you could use flax, hemp, or extra virgin olive oil)
1 vanilla bean
1 package of stevia
1/4-1/2 tsp cinnamon

1) Add your almonds to your food processor and process for about 10 minutes. You will have to stop and scrap the sides every minute or so. It takes a while but eventually the oils release and the mixture becomes smooth and creamy.
2) Take a knife and cut down the center of your vanilla bean. Scrape out al the seeds and put in food processor.

3) Add hemp seeds, ground flax, cinnamon, stevia and Udo’s oil to food processor and processor until smooth and creamy again. Yields about 1 cup.
*The Udo’s oil blend I use is the DHA 3-6-9 blend.
This almond butter has a bit of a rustic texture with the ground flax added to it. It’s creamy and slightly sweetened with hints and vanilla and cinnamon. I’m addicted already. You can eat this many ways.

Quinoa flakes made with almond milk, banana, chia seeds and cinnamon. Topped with Rustic Vanilla Bean Almond Butter, raw buckwheat groats, and blackberries

I though this bowl was beautiful so I took lot’s of pictures and experimented using natural light and my flash. Some day I would like to get a good camera but for now all I have is my little digital camera.

This Rustic Vanilla Bean Almond Butter is also good on fruit.

And of course by the spoon.

Well I need to quit procrastinating and to get to work on packing. Have a good day!


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2 Responses to Rustic Vanilla Bean Almond Butter

  1. I tried this one with french bread and turned it into sandwiches. It was great and very delicious. Best for a healthy mid afternoon snack!

  2. says:


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


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