Yoga For Running?

This week has been…..strange. I’m sick with a cold that’s getting worse and I can’t do my last long run before Sinister7 tomorrow. I found out I’m severely iron deficient and I’m considering quitting running for yoga. I spent my friday evening curled up on the couch watching the dark knight with my dog and a cookie dough blizzard, and no it wasn’t a vegan blizzaard it was from DQ. I can’t remember the last time I had a Dairy Queen blizzard, but I can tell you it didn’t make me feel better. It gave me a sugar headache and definitely won’t be helping my immune system at the moment. Emotional eating at it’s best.

Okay so maybe I wouldn’t quit running completely, but I would tone it down to 5 and 10km races instead. My body is not balanced and I’m trying to find that balance. I was supposed to do my last 32km run tomorrow in preparation for Sinister7 before I start to taper. Yesterday I noticed my throat was hurting at work, then today it was worse with sneezing and a runny nose. In the past I would still have run my 32km run tomorrow, but for the first time I am really listening to my body and realizing that would do more harm than good.

I got a blood test yesterday to check my iron and B12 levels along with a few other things since I’ve gone vegetarian and want to make sure I’m getting the proper nutrients I need. I also haven’t had my period for the past 10 months so I wanted to look into that as well. I want kids some day and don’t want my fertility negatively affected. I got a message from the doctor this morning telling me that I am severely iron deficient and she wanted me to start taking ferrous gluconate immediately 2-3 times a day. I have been iron deficient once before and I could feel it, I was unable to complete my long runs and had to quit marathon training. So I was a bit surprised when I got her message because I haven’t noticed myself feeling tired like last time. When I told a friend at work she did say she noticed I have been mentioning that I’m feel too tired before runs or during them. Thinking back I guess I have noticed my legs feeling tired and my motivation waning but I just thought that was because of the racing and long runs every weekend for the past 6 weeks.

So why would I consider giving up running, or at least longer distances? I read this post today over at Joyous Health. I felt like she was describing me, not that I’m trying to lose weight but the fact that I’m always going hard. It was interesting reading about the body being in sympathetic nervous mode and how yoga can help you slow down and chill out. I want to become more in tune with my body. I want to be able to balance it and right now I am not balanced. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought of taking a break from running to immerse myself into yoga either so it means something to me.

Don’t get me wrong I love running and racing and challenging myself to go farther and faster, but maybe my body doesn’t love it. Maybe yoga could create that same feeling or better. Maybe regular yoga is that balance I need in my life. I am trying to figure out how I can be my healthiest and happiest by balancing my body, mind, and spirit. I am excited to move to Calgary where I will have more opportunity to take different yoga classes and keep up with it. I am also excited to take the Natural nutrition program, I think it’s going to be a life changing adventure for me.

This has been a bit of a rambling post but I just wrote what was on my mind at the moment. So often I think we find ourselves too busy and caught up in our schedules to truly take time out to listen to ourselves and our loved ones. Looking back though I can see I have made improvements in my exercise level by taking baby steps. Earlier in the training season I was running, swimming, taking spin classes, yoga classes and strength training. It was overkill and eventually I got to where I am today running 3 days a week, strength training 2-3 days and doing yoga 1-2 days. It’s better, but obviously something is still unbalanced whether it’s coming from the body, mind, or spirit I have yet to find out. I’m working my way towards discovering how to balance myself better.

How do you balance yourself? Have you realized something you were doing that you love and thought was healthy for you might not be? What did you do?

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while, so tomorrow I’m posting a vegetarian coffee cake recipe with pictures! I need to remember to vacuumm the dog hair off the couch too!


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