Half-Marathon PR

This morning I ran the Eddie’s Big Run Half-Marathon and I set a new PR. I did it in 1:47:55!

This was surprising to me considering how I felt this morning and during the run. I woke up at 5:00am and started my day with hot water and lemon juice followed by a bowl of oatmeal. I was tired this morning and last night I got a charlie horse in my left calf. This morning my calf was still feeling tender. The outside of my left foot has also been a bit sore since my 32km long run last Sunday. My lower leg and especially the calf is feeling quite tight. I am going to get some active release done on it next week. On the bright side the weather was just right, cool but no wind or rain.

I got to the race start about 20 minutes before it started, said hi to some people I knew, wished them luck and then got in line. The race started and we were off. There were only around 50 people running the half and I felt like I started out too quickly. My legs were sore and my breathing was labored. I just kept pushing forward though. At around 7km I started struggling mentally. I just didn’t feel as good as my last half-marathon and I wanted it to be over, but I wasn’t even half-way at this point. i dug down deep and just tried to concentrate on my breathing and taking shorter quicker steps. There were points that leveled off or went downhill which made me feel better. My heart rate and breathing seemed to level off. At this point I was just hoping to get under two hours.

The route was on the trails in town and some road. For the half-marathoner’s we had to do two loops. I made it onto the second loop and finally let myself look at my watch. I don’t like looking at my watch too much. I like to go more by how I’m feeling and pace myself that way. At the halfway point I was at about 54 minutes. At this point I started to think that maybe I could get close to my last half-marathon time of 1:54:30. Going into the second loop I was also told I was the third female! I had kind of thought that because at the beginning I saw one girl take off with the guys and then shortly after the start another girl passed me. Knowing that I was in third place gave me the extra motivation to keep pushing so no one would pass me.

During the second loop I discovered that there was no Gatorade at the aid stations like I’d been told there would be. All they had was water. I hadn’t been organized enough to pick up gels or energy gummies the last time I was in the city so I’d just been planning on drinking the Gatorade for glycogen. I started to feel my energy levels drop during that second loop and could have benefited having something to top up my energy stores. I passed a few guys during the second loop and kept pushing on.

I ended up getting a little stone in the back of my shoe and stop to try to remove it. I couldn’t get it out and I wasn’t taking my shoe off so I just kept running. I could feel that it was rubbing my heel raw. With 3km left to go I tried to quicken my pace a bit. At 1.5km left to go I looked at my watch and saw that I was at 1 hour and 41 minutes. I couldn’t believe it and thought maybe I could get under 1:50:00. I picked up the pace even more, pushing my legs to move quicker and pumping my arms. I crossed the finish line in 1:47:55. A lot quicker than I thought I would be able to run it considering how I felt.

Afterwards I had some food, stretched, cheered on the other runners, and waited for the awards ceremony. The first three runner’s of each gender in each race distance, 5km, 10km and 21km, got trophies! They even had a little podium for us to stand on and they took our picture holding our bobble head trophies.

Check this out! I absolutely love these trophies! They are so cute.

Tomorrow I am heading to the city to celebrate my mom’s birthday with this. We will also be trying Moksha yoga so I’m pretty stoked, but I need to make sure I hydrate well today.


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