Sun-dried Tomato and Parsley Spelt Berry Salad

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great May long weekend! I sure did! I started mine off with a 24km run on Saturday morning. The first 10km I took Jewel with me and I struggled a bit. I think I was still recovering from the half-marathon I ran last Sunday. After dropping Jewel off I picked up my Ipod and that really helped me get through the last 14km. I actually felt pretty good after the run. Once I stretched, ate, and showered I headed to Athabasca for the weekend. I made a pit stop in the city to pick up a pair of trail running shoes and my sister, Ashtyn. We had a great weekend!
Ginger and momSunny, Stepdad (Mike), and BrittanyMom on GingerDad on Sunny

For May long weekend we had really great weather! By 10am on Sunday it was hot enough out to wear shorts and tank tops! It got up around 30 C. It did cool down in the evening though and got quite windy. My sisters ditched me to sleep in the trailer Sunday night as neither of them had thermorests to sleep on. So it was just Jewel and I in the tent and it was so windy I thought it was going to get knocked down with us in it. It held it’s ground in the end though! My cleanse is still going well. I packed food to bring with me to make it easier. On friday night I made a big batch of Sun-dried Tomato and Parsley Spelt Berry Salad to take with me. I think it turned out pretty good!

Sun-dried Tomato and Parsley Spelt Berry Salad

1 1/2 c Spelt Berries

12 sun-dried tomatoes
2 c frozen corn
2 c frozen edamame
1 medium zucchini
1 bunch parsley
1.5 tbsp Sundried tomato and herb seasoning

1) Bring 4 1/2 c water to boil in a pot. Rinse spelt berries then add to boiling water. Cook 45-60 minutes depending on whether you like them chewier or not. I like mine chewy! Once finished cooking drain and set aside to cool.
2) Soak sun-dried tomatoes in boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain and dice.
3) Combine corn and edamame and cook in a microwave safe dish with 2 Tbsp of water for 2 minutes, or boil on stove in a pot of water. I cooked mine in the microwave to save time.
4) Dice the red onion and zucchini.
5) Combine veggies in a large bowl. Add spelt berries and mix to combine.
6) Chop up your bunch of parsley. Add to bowl and stir to mix in.
7) Lastly add your Sun-dried tomato and herb seasoning. I used Epicure Sun-dried tomato and herb dip mix.. Mix well to combine.
This turned out really fresh tasting. I liked the sweetness the sun-dried tomatoes and corn provided. This salad has a crunchy chewy texture which I loved.

Well it’s a short work week next week, gotta love long weekends!


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