Sub 1:55:00 Half Marathon

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been mia all week! I thought it was about time I did a recap on the Run Wild Leading Edge Half Marathon I ran last Sunday.
I got in to see my massage therapist Saturday morning because the Wednesday before the race I had suddenly developed a pain in my left glute that was making me limp by friday, She said I had a couple of ropey knots in there and worked one out and made the other smaller. The morning of the race I woke up at 5:00am and could still feel the pain but it was better and not making me limp anymore. I fueled up with some sprouted wheat toast, raw almond butter and an apple.
I also took an aspirin at this point. I drove to the start, which took me about 35-40 minutes. I wanted to be there early so I could see my friend start for her first marathon. The half started at 7:30am. I decided to get in line for the washroom as it was a long one and I knew I’d need to go before the race started. After I had used the washroom I was starting to notice the pain in my left glute again and feeling a bit hungry. So I walked back to my car and took another aspirin along with 3 GU chomps for energy.
I also shed my top layer and decided to run in my tank top and capris.

I headed to the start and that’s where I ran into my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin that live in St. Albert. They had come to see me off! They took some pictures and then it was time to get into position. I noticed the pace zebra holding up the two hour sign and made a mental note to try and stick close to him. I ended up losing him at the start. I wasn’t sure if he was behind me or in front of me. At around 3km he came up behind me and I stuck closely behind him. At 6km’s he ended up stopping, I’m not sure if he was doing a walk run, but I kept going. He didn’t pass me again so I knew I was going to be able to get under two hours.

The whole run my stomach hurt because I was pushing myself, but I felt good. No pain in my butt, no pain in my ankle! I’m sure the aspirin helped, but the pain never returned. Even the days after, still no pain! It was really windy during the run so that did slow everyone down. The route was also surprisingly hilly. Nothing running in my home town doesn’t prepare you for though. I felt good and strong during the run and just kept trying to move my feet quicker. Near the last few km’s I picked up the pace leaving the people I had been running around throughout the race behind. I passed the finish line in 1:54:30! I was super happy!

My stats


12/88 rank in my age group

87/541 rank overall

5:26min/km average pace

The next day my quads were a bit sore as well as my abs and left shin. I think the wind contributed to my abs hurting. I must say the food at the end of the race wasn’t very good. They had oranges and bananas, which were great. They also had candy, ice cream, cookies, massive sugar laden muffins, sugar laden yogurt tubes, chocolate milk, and chips. I like to refuel with food that’s actually going to give my body nutrients and help it repair itself. I will come prepared for my next race. I was glad I had decided to start my cleanse on monday instead because I wouldn’t have been able to eat anything.

Onto that topic the cleanse is going well. I’ve finished day five, the first day and third day were the hardest so far. I really wanted something sweet, but didn’t give in.

I have discovered the perfect legume to sprout! Mung beans!
They’re big and crunchy! Just how I like em! They go great on salads.

Here is a preview of the next recipe I will be posting.
It’s yummy!

Well I need to pack as I’m headed to Athabasca to visit my parents for the long weekend! Before I go though I’m running 24km! I’m excited, this will be the farthest I’ve ran in a long time. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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