Back from sunny British Columbia

I am back from sunny British Columbia. I had a great visit with my mom, but like always it was too short. Here are some highlights of my trip.This is going through Jasper on the way there. I love the mountains!
The first night there my mom made a pasta Primavera dish that I forgot to take a picture of. My mom is so great, she went out and bought sprouted grain bread, veggies, organic rolled oats and other goodies! We did yoga together a couple of times, which felt great to stretch. Especially since I wasn’t very good with keeping up with my physio and stretches and exercises. Oh well, at least I got my runs in. I did my long run friday morning before leaving. I met one of my friends at 5:30am and we did 17km. That way I just had to do a shorter run on Sunday.

On Saturday we woke up to a beautiful sunny sky and high of 20 C. We ended up golfing 18 holes and had a blast. I’m not a very good golfer, but we just laugh and have so much fun that it doesn’t matter.That’s my beautiful mom!
There I am taking a swing.

For the first half of the course I was trying to hit the ball as hard as I can, but would end up swinging 10 plus times before I actually connected with the ball. My mom gave me a tip. She said to quit trying to kill the ball. To keep my eyes on the ball and stop and the top of my swing before following through. I tried it and it worked! I even got one hit that got close to the green, it was amazing! Of course a couple of beer given to us by some cute guys helped too!Shenanigans ensued on the golf course as well.

My mom introduced me to a new vegetable.It’s Jicama and you eat it raw. It tastes like a cross between an apple and a potato. It was quite refreshing sprinkled with seasoning.

My mom and stepdad have horses, so we visited them when I was up as well.That’s Ginger, my mom’s horse. Her name suits her well because she can have a spicy attitude.That’s Sunny, my stepdad’s horse. She has been diagnosed with navicular, which we’re hoping is wrong. If she really does have it we’re praying the sweet girl will get better enough to be pain free.Ginger likes carrots.

My mom wanted to try my calzone recipe, so we made some veggies calzones the last I was there.We made a whole wheat crust and filled them with pasta sauce, sauteed mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli, red onion, and zucchini, and feta cheese.

Breakfast the next morning was a bowl of organic rolled oats made with brown rice milk, chia seeds, and cinnamon. Topped with almond butter and organic strawberries. Fuel for the long drive home. Coming to B.C. we gain an hour which is great, but on the way home you lose an hour. I packed food for the drive.Quinoa salad for lunch.Jewel liked the stops because she was getting hot in her kennel.My mom’s homemade peanut butter muffins with chocolate chips.

By the time I got to Jasper I was having trouble staying awake and feeling hungry again. I grabbed a latte.This is made with soy milk and has no sweetener. It was really good and woke me right up. Unfortunately it kept me up until 2am this morning though. I sleep so good at my mom’s, but not as great at home because it’s not as dark, cool, and quiet. Those are the perfect conditions for me. I also picked up a 6″ veggie sub on honey wheat bread with honey mustard and swiss cheese at Subway. Once home I did a quick TRX workout then hit the hay.

This evening after work I had a massage, so I took Jewel for a run this morning. I did 4 hill repeats and they went well. It was warm and light out! My massage therapist asked me if I ever have any down time because it feels like my body is just always go, go, go. Gee, I wonder where I got that from mom! I told her that I am pretty busy and don’t have much spare time to do things like watch T.V. This got me thinking more. I used to read before bed everynight and take Jewel for more walks, but I have gotten busy. It is my own doing, but I know I need to slow down. Blogging has definitely taken up more time. It takes me at least an hour to write a post. So I may not post everyday anymore, like I was at first. I need to make time for down time. How do you make time for down time?


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