Feeling under the weather

I’ve been a little under the weather the past couple of days. I have been;
-sleeping lot’s
-reading “Crazy Sexy Diet” by Kris Carr
-trying to do some emotional detoxing
-icing my ankle 3 times a day

I am really enjoying “Crazy Sexy Diet” right now. I love how real Kris is in the book and her approach to everything. I have laughed out loud a couple times. The book has really got me thinking about trying to go vegan. Chapter 4 brought tears to my eyes, reading about the treatment of animals on factory farms. They are living beings with minds and families and I wouldn’t treat my dog that way. I haven’t eaten much meat in the past 8 months, but dairy I do eat on a daily basis. Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, and eggs. I’ve always wondered how vegans get enough calcium without dairy. Well Kris explains that you can get enough calcium from plant sources like dark leafy greens, almonds, quinoa, and tempe. She also states that a diet high in animal proteins and sodium blocks the absorption of calcium and are urinated out of the body. To aid in calcium absorption she says you need vitamin C, which comes from all the lovely fruits and veggies we eat! One thing vegans can be short on is vitamin B12, so it’s important to take a supplement.

I like how Kris explains that cow’s milk has three more times protein than breast milk, because a cow grows to between 1500 to 2000 pounds. She states that they only drink milk when they’re a baby. “Beyond a certain age, even they know it’s freaky to suckle,” she says. I can’t wait to finish this book! She has a 21 day cleanse that involves eating real food that I may try out. We shall see. I have never considered doing a cleanse before because I didn’t think they would give me enough energy to stay active. Reading about all the benefits is making me curious though. I’m even curious about colonics now, I mean who would have thought I would ever consider getting a tube put up my butt to flush water inside of me and clean everything out. I’m telling ya Kris has a way with words.

On a side note I have realized not being able to run makes me feel anxious and I’ve had disordered thoughts about weight gain creep into my head. Instead of dealing with these emotions I’ve found myself mindlessly eating granola out of the box or cashew butter from the jar. I feel so much better when I focus on health and not my weight. I really have to fight those negative thoughts off sometimes. I found a wonderful post today from Joyous Health on doing an emotional detox. I chose to write the letter to release my feelings of anger and frustration. I’m feeling better!

Tomorrow I shall post some food pics again!


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