Popcorn, Chocolate, and Trail Mix

Last night we made popcorn in this baby.Ashtyn waited patiently.Brittany contemplated what to put on hers.I got to taste it first. Mmmm, I love the sweet taste of plain popcorn. I used to eat plain popcorn all the time for a snack, but my hot air popper died and I haven’t had any since.

I was feelin” like something sweet too, so I added some Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate chunks. Ashtyn decided to get creative and added trail mix to hers, which looked good so I threw a handful on mine too.We enjoyed our popcorn while watching Avatar. We didn’t get to finish it because we’re all really like 80 years old and went to bed at 10pm. I got to take it home so I could finish it later, because they both saw it in theaters. So far so good!

This morning I was up before everyone else at 6:45am. I was chilly so green tea and oatmeal were in order.This mix contains;
1/3 c wild oats (not sure what the difference is?)
1/3 c skim milk
1/3 c water
1 ripe banana, sliced thinly
2 spoons cottage cheese, added halfway through cooking
2 spoons chia seeds, added at end of cooking

lot’s of almond butter
sprinkle of really good granola I got at Costco

Lunch was a cold calzone eaten while navigating through the city as well as a flax pita from Costco with the rest of the hummus I made. I should not eat hummus while driving. It always happens, there I am trying to scoop up hummus with a veggie or pita and I look up and I’m swerving into the shoulder or out of my lane. Not good, at least there’s never been anyone around when this happens.

I hit up Planet Organic for some supplies! I love this store, I’m like a kid in a candy store in here. I bought some brown rice syrup for granola bars, cashew butter, nutritional yeast, amaranth, cocoa bliss (this stuff is orgasmic, but like $13 for a little jar so I don’t buy it often. It was my splurge today.), and an organic dark chocolate bar with cinnamon and chillies in it.

Next stop was the Running Room for new running shoes. The style I usually wear (Asics DS-trainer) was rubbing my right big toe and they didn’t have a size bigger, so I ended up trying on a few other styles until I found a pair that fit. I ended up going with Mizuno Wave Elixir in a size 10 1/2. I think my feet grew another half size. I used to fit the size 10 in Asics, but they all felt too small today and they didn’t have 10 1/2. I am loving these Mizuno’s though.Check out those babies! I absolutely love the colors. I just hope they feel as good running in them as they look. They definitely felt good in the store. The Asics on the right don’t look as dirty in the picture as they actually are. I just hope I don’t have the unfortunate incident of having a toenail cut into the toe beside it getting blood on my new running shoes, as I did with the Asics.
One more picture cause they’re so perdy.
My last stop was Mountain Equipment Co-op. I got a pair of sunglasses that will be great for running, as well as a lighter pair of running tights and a cute tank top. I can’t wait to try out my new gear!

For dinner tonight I was feeling lazy so I diced up a sweet potato, tossed it with EVOO, cinnamon, cayenne powder, and chilies and baked for an hour at 350 F. With it I heated up some lentils with a bit of bbq sauce and tamari and a salad on the side. Nice and easy, and tasty.

Tomorrow I’m doing a 21km run. I didn’t make plans to run with anyone else because I just want to wake up naturally without an alarm clock tomorrow. I hope it’s nicer out tomorrow, we haven’t seen that sun that we were supposed to get this weekend yet.


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