Shopping, food, sun, and fun!

Today there’s been shopping, good food, sun, and fun with my sistas! After a quick 10km run outside with Jewel this morning I made oats with egg whites.In a pot I combined 1/3 c rolled oats, 2/3 c water (all out of almond milk), cinnamon, and 1 tbsp carob powder. Halfway through cooking I added to lightly beaten egg whites, stirring continuously. Chia seeds were added at the end of cooking and the mixture was topped with crunchy almond butter.The egg whites made this bowl really smooth and silky.

Lunch was a flax pita with bruschetta and asparagus with sun-dried tomato and herb hummus with a dill pickle on the side.

I’m so excited, I paid off my credit card today! I got my tax refund back and have extra to put down on my loan. We did some retail therapy today, it was great! I’m doing more tomorrow too!

For dinner we whipped up some calzones. My sisters Brittany and Ashtyn, really love these things.We made spelt crust and filled them with tomato sauce, zucchini, asparagus, spinach, green pepper, and goat cheese.I’m actually still hungry after this plate full.

We have plans for air popped popcorn and a movie tonight. Hope everyone’s had a great friday.


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Food Freedom Coach and 200HR RYT
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