Early weekend!

I really enjoyed my yoga class tonight. I feel like I’m getting better at breathing with the movements. I was nice and relaxed and it felt beautiful to stretch. We tried doing hand stands and I say tried because like most poses in yoga it’s not something you can just pop up and do. I got to the point where I had one leg on the wall and then you just gently press away with the foot that is touching the wall. My arms and shoulders need to get stronger before I can hold myself up. It was fun trying though!

The parfait I had for breakfast held me over well, because I wasn’t starving when lunch time rolled around. I still ate my apple mid-morning though. For lunch I made a big salad.
Spinach, tomato, mushrooms, hummus, sprouted sunflower seeds, and a slice of “earthy” toast. I am really liking this bread now. I will post the recipe for it soon. At first I thought it needed to be sweeter and had a stronger earthy flavour because of the hemp flour, but it’s grown on me. I’m still loving the crunchy, nutty addition of sprouted sunflower seeds to my salads too.

I packed up the last three of my peanut butter hemp mini muffins with a pear for my afternoon snackage.

I was rockin’ my Vibram Five Finger shoes with black dress pants at work today.I haven’t tried running in them and don’t know if I will, but I find just walking around in them at work has strengthened my feet. They’re really comfy and feel like I’m wearing slippers! When I first started wearing them my arches used to get tight and sore, but they’ve gotten stronger since then. I find they’re quite the conversation starters too!

After yoga tonight I was hangry so I heated up some leftover Roasted Beet, Okra, Sunflower Seed Quinoa Salad for dinner.It hit the spot.My sweet tooth was calling so I made some Chocolate Avocado Mouse for dessert.Into the mini chopper went avocado, dates, carob powder and vanilla.I was a little impatient so there were still some chunks of dates in it, but it was still foodgasmic.

Look what came in the mail today!Chia seeds! Finally, I have been out forever and have missed them. Can’t wait to add them to my oats in the morning.

Look what else came!A gift card for the running room from my mom and stepdad. Thanks mom and dad, I wasn’t expecting this much! I can’t wait to buy some new running gear this weekend. Okay mom, I know “Secretariat” was a horse. Right?

Well I need to pack yet. I’m getting up early to get a 10km run in with Jewel before we leave to the city tomorrow. My weekend is here!


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Food Freedom Coach and 200HR RYT
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