Sad, Sweet Potato, Oatmeal

Let me just start by saying I’m sad……very, very sad.
Yes I broke the blender to my magic bullet. I store it above the stove, because that’s the only place there’s room for it. After my strength training session today I wanted to make a quick smoothie before yoga. I dropped the blender when trying to reach for it and it smashed on the floor. I’ll admit a “french” word came out of my mouth. Why oh why. How frustrating. Yoga didn’t even help me feel better either, because all I could think about while lying in shavasana was my broken blender. I don’t know if I can make hummus in the other cups that came with the magic bullet and they’re all smaller than the blender. What to do, what to do.

On to breakfast. Inspired by Angela’s oatmeal the other day.

In a pot I added;
1/3 c rolled oats
2/3 c skim milk
3/4 c grated sweet potato
1 tbsp roasted carob powder
2 spoons of wheat berries

Halfway through cooking I added cottage cheese.

I served the oatmeal with almond butter and half a dark square of 90% cocoa chocolate.
I love how much almond butter I put on the oats. I used to be afraid of fats and would measure out 1 tbsp of peanut butter for my toast, which didn’t satisfy me at all. Now this is what I’m talking about.
This bowl was good and it gave me an idea for my oatmeal tomorrow morning. I can’t wait.


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Food Freedom Coach and 200HR RYT
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2 Responses to Sad, Sweet Potato, Oatmeal

  1. Alex @ Healing Beauty says:

    Once again, your oatmeal looks delicious! No better combination than chocolate and oats 🙂

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