Edmonton Hypothermic Half Marathon

I braved the cold and survived the Hypothermic half marathon in Edmonton this morning. But first I fueled with homemade veggie and cheddar calzones last night.

I suggested we make them to my sister Brittany and she agreed. Her boyfriend and our other sister Ashtyn were both working and we thought they might enjoy homemade calzones for supper. I stuffed my spelt crust with tomato paste, zucchini, mushrooms, green pepper, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. On the side we had spinach salad.

After dinner we went to Twisted Yogurt. I got a bit of plain, chocolate, banana, and cherry vanilla frozen yogurt. I topped mine with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and mini eggs! The banana frozen yogurt was too sweet and the cherry vanilla was….not very good. It reminded me of cough syrup.

I slept terrible last night which I think was because of the sugar from the frozen yogurt and watching a stimulating action movie right before bed. I also slept on a couch, although I have had a good sleep on it before. Anyways I was up at 7:00 so I could hydrate and fuel prior to the race. For breakfast I made a pot of banana whipped oatmeal with cottage cheese, topped with cashew butter and pumpkin flax granola (I found your stash Brit, thanks).

This is what the forecast said this morning.

I met 4 other girls from town that drove in this morning at the start with their race packages. Two I knew and run with regularly the other two was my first time meeting them. This morning the temperature was actually nice and even though there was wind it didn’t feel too cold. The race involved a couple of loops and by the second loop it had cooled off and the wind picked up. There was a point when we were running into the wind that my face felt like it was going to get frostbite.
We all started out running together, myself and another girl were in the front and ended up losing the other 3 girls. We were both feeling good so we just kept going. When we got to about 16km my legs started to get sore from running on the uneven terrain, as it had just snowed and from running into the wind. It was nice when we got to run with the wind to our backs. I starting feeling hungry before we were even halfway through the race, my stomach was even grumbling loudly. Then at about 12km it passed. I had been planning on bringing a couple of dates to eat about half an hour before we started, but somehow I forgot. Lesson learned. Luckily I didn’t feel low on energy at any point. I passed the finish line according to my watch at 2:14:05. The official chip time is not available yet. We waited outside for about 12 minutes for the other three girls to come in. I had sweat pretty good so I got a chill standing outside after.
Once we were all together we headed inside for the hot brunch. I had an eggs benedict, peice of french toast, some potatoes and fruit. I left my camera in my car so I didn’t get any pictures. That made me sad because for something I love doing so much I hardly have any pictures. Next race I will not be leaving the camera behind. All in all I feel pretty good, but I think my legs may feel sore tomorrow from having to use all my stabilizing muscles in the snow. I am tired though so I wish you all good night! Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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2 Responses to Edmonton Hypothermic Half Marathon

  1. Alex @ Healing Beauty says:

    Congrats on making it through the race!!

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