Every little bit counts

I started my day with 20 minutes of yoga, using my Shiva Rea dvd. It was wonderous! I have found even doing 20 minutes three times a week makes a big difference for me. I still notice that I am getting stronger and more flexible. I actually did yoga yesterday morning too and I was able to hold the chatarunga’s for the first time! My triceps must be getting stronger. For breakfast I made a bowl of oats that were simple, but tasty.

This bowl had 1/3 c of oats, 2/3 c skim milk, ripe banana, two big spoonfuls of pumpkin, 2 spoons of cottage cheese, and cinnamon with almond butter on top. I think Almond butter will always be my favourite nut butter.

Lunch was a leftover slice of Angela’s Ultimate vegan lentil walnut loaf. It was still amazing 5 days later. On the side I had 1 slice and 1 end of toast and a mixed cabbage salad. I have been loving cabbage lately, and it’s pretty inexpensive.

If you are a meatloaf fan you should make this. Even if you aren’t a meatloaf fan you should make this, it’s that good.
I lurve the sesame seeds and sunflower seeds in this bread. The grainier and seedier the better.

After work today I pulled on my running gear, including my toque and warm mitts, and took Jewel for a run. The weather has cooled off here and I haven’t been feeling excited about going outside for my runs. We did 7.5 km and ended up not being too bad. My face frosted up a bit, but not compared to some of my other runs.

For dinner I made something that reminds me of spring. We still have a month before the first day of spring, March 21st, but that doesn’t mean I can’t close the blinds and eat spring like foods. That also doesn’t mean the snow will disappear and the temperatures will warm up. I cooked some Quinoa in vegetable broth and water. While the Quinoa cooked I chopped up onion, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrot.

I stir-fried them and some frozen corn in a bit of coconut oil. Once they were lightly cooked I added a chopped tomato.

I mixed in the cooked Quinoa and half a chopped avocado and drizzled with EVOO.

The avocado tasted so creamy and buttery in this, glad I have leftovers for tomorrows lunch possibly.

TGIF tomorrow and then a three day weekend!!! This weekends long run drops down to 14km as the following weekend is the half marathon. Anyone have plans for the family day weekend? I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday!


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One Response to Every little bit counts

  1. Alex @ Healing Beauty says:

    My cousin’s wife might be having a baby on Saturday!! haha the baby is way late so we are all hoping it’s soon! Have fun at the baby shower!

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