I have been looking through a couple of books on Greece my sister, Ashtyn lent me and it’s making me want to go there even more.

I mean besides the fact that I love tzatziki, greek salad, souvlaki, and pita bread it’s absolutely beautiful.

I’m excited, but it will feel more real when I have plans in place and a flight booked.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY MOM AND STEPDAD TODAY! I almost forgot what day it was. Oops!

Dinner tonight was quick, simple and tasty. Roasted baby potatoes with edamamme and corn.

For a snack this evening I had banana ice cream!

I just found out the longer you process the banana, the lighter and fluffier it gets. This bowl was overflowing.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday, back to the grind tomorrow.


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6 Responses to Greece

  1. Alex @ Healing Beauty says:

    I lived in Greece for six months last year. Let me know if you want some tips! 🙂

    • Thanks for the previous comment Alex! I would love some tips! Did you work while you were there? If so did you find a job before you went or did you look for one when you got there? I’m not really sure where to start. Right now I am working on paying off my loan and then saving up.

  2. Alex @ Healing Beauty says:

    I was actually studying while I was there, and I lived in Athens. Are you planning on living in Athens or somewhere else?

    • I’m not sure yet where I would like to work and live. I had been thinking of maybe one of the islands, but maybe Athens would be better and then I could explore the islands my days off.

      • Alex @ Healing Beauty says:

        That’s what I did on my weekends! Athens is a great starting place to get to anywhere else! The BEST pita place in ALL of Greece is a small hole in the wall place called Maria’s, and it is in the Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens. I’ll even give you the street once I can dig out my old map!

      • That would great be great, I love pita’s!

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