Circuit routine

**I wrote part of this post last night and then I had technology fail on me and my internet went down. Magically part of the post was saved.

I made up a killer circuit routine last night to do when I got home today. It had my muscles burning and the sweat dripping. But first I started my day with 20 minutes of yoga and it felt wonderful! For breakfast I made oatmeal. How many times have you heard me say that now?

That is 1/3 c rolled oats, 2/3 c almond milk, and cinnamon. I stirred in 1 tbsp of chia seeds when it was finished cooking and topped with almond butter and choco-cado pudding. I made some choco-cado pudding last night when I was craving chocolate but sadly the budget did not allow for any this week. The choco-cado pudding definitely hit the spot and I think I had originally found this recipe off of It has an avocado, almond butter, agave nectar, coconut oil, vanilla, and carob powder. It might even be better than regular chocolate….maybe.

Here are the measurements:

Choco-cado pudding

1 medium avocado
1/4c almond butter
1/4- 1/2c agave nectar
1 tbsp coconut butter
1tsp vanilla
1 tbsp carob powder

Add all ingredients to a food processor (or mini chopper like me) and blend until smooth.

Mmmm, it’s so good. It’s chocolatey with a hint of almond butter and oh so creamy. Major foodgasm.


Leftover sweet potato chilli with avocado and Franks buffalo hot sauce and a salad.

After work I headed down to the basement for a sweat session. I must tell you I am feeling sore from this circuit workout, especially my obliques.

Circuit Workout

warm up- arm swings, toe touches, jumping jacks

1)1 legged squat with curl- 30 seconds/side
-standing on your right leg with a dumbbell in your right hand, squat down keeping your knee behind your toes (will be a shallow squat) and curl the dumbbell up at the same time. Switch sides.
2) Renegade row- 1 minute
– get into plank position with arms straight holding onto dumbbells. Lift right weight up in a back row keeping back straight and engaging your core, lower down and repeat on other side.
3) Jump squats- 1 minute
-Get into a squat position and jump up off the ground, landing lightly and squatting back down, repeat.
4) Tricep dips- 30 secs
5) Hamstring curl on exercise ball- 1 minute
-On your back put your feet on an exercise ball and lift your pelvis off the floor so you’re in a bridge position. Pull the ball towards your buttocks, bending your knees and squeezing your hamstrings. Straighten and repeat.
6) Mountain climbers- 1 minute
7) UFC’s-30 seconds
-Get into squat position holding weights above shoulders, elbows at 90 degrees. lower down onto knees one leg at a time keeping arms still in position. Raise back up into squat and repeat.
8) 1 legged calf raise- 30 seconds/side
– Use a step and lower right down.
9) Burpees- 1 minute
10) Side plank dips- 30 seconds/side
-Get into side plank position on your elbows, lower your hips towards the floor then raise back up and repeat.
11) Side leg lifts- 30 seconds/side
– Lying on your side lift the top leg up leading with the heel, lower back down and repeat.
12)Push ups with feet on exercise ball- 30 seconds.
13)High Knees, Butt kicks- 30 seconds each.

Go through circuit 2-3 times and prepare to sweat. Turn on some good music that pumps you up and just do it!

After my workout I needed to refuel, so I made a quick dinner.

Stir fried veggies, 2 eggs, and a flax pita.

The egg went well in the pita.

This morning I started my day running hills with Jewel and a few other gals. Two of us only did 5 hill repeats, then ran a loop while the other two finished off their set of 8. My legs were still talking to me from Extreme Burn and probably spin and my circuit workout. It twas a good run though and nice and warm again this morning. Breakfast had to be quicker than oatmeal so I pulled out some leftover Apple, cinnamon, hazelnut pancakes from the freezer.

I spread hazelnut butter on top and drizzled some on some of this

My mom bought me this from B.C. I also had a banana on the side for fruit.

Lunch was inspired from smoothie in a bowl.

In the smoothie I have two big handfuls of spinach, almond milk, water, Vega protein powder, avocado, mixed frozen berries, raw rolled oats, and chia seeds. On top I sprinkled some cereal. It was really tasty and hit the spot.

After work I went to spin and did my last evening class. I have a week off and then I start a morning one. Dinner tonight was quick again. I stir fried onion, celery, mushrooms, and carrots in some coconut oil. Then I added tomato sauce, black olives, and kidney beans. I served it on top of whole wheat spaghetti with red cabbage on the side.

It turned out really tasty. I have been loving raw cabbage lately, it has a natural sweetness to it. For dessert I finished off my choco-cado pudding.


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