Coconut oil

Did you know olive oil is bad for your health when heated on high heat, above 200-250 degrees farenheit? I didn’t until I read Thrive. Coconut oil on the other hand can be heated on high heat without turning into trans fats. Coconut oil is full of a unique form of saturated fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs are converted into energy effortlessly by the liver shortly after being consumed. MCTs are easier on the pancreas, liver, and digestive system.

Coconut oil has a mild coconut flavour that disappears when heated. You can use coconut oil for many things:
-stir frying
-butter/margarine replacement in baking
-oatmeal topper
-massaged kale salad
-greasing muffin/cake/cookie pans
The list goes on

One of my favorite exercise classes started up last night called Extreme Burn. It’s an indoor bootcamp style class that changes every week. I am feeling a bit sore today in my abs, back, lats, shoulders, and hamstrings. My quads and glutes were also burning in spin tonight, heck I think pretty much every muscle is feelin it. Here are some pictures of my recent eats.


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2 Responses to Coconut oil

  1. I knew olive oil wasn’t for high temps but had no idea it turned to trans fat?! I haven’t used my coconut oil yet. I did substitute 1/2 the butter in a scone recipe with coconut oil, and it worked out okay. I really want to try it as a moisturizer, especially for my baby. Did you know it is a very effective diaper rash cream?

    • I know I used to cook and bake with it all the time at high temps. Now I only use it to drizzle over my food after it’s cooked. I did not know coconut oil is an effective diaper cream. I will have to remember that when I have kids! Thanks.

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