Where did the day go?

Today flew by way too quickly, I didn’t get everything done I had planned to. Oh well. I started my day with a hot bowl of oats.

In the mix
1/3 c rolled oats
2/3 c almond milk
1 ripe banana
2 spoons of Farro
1tbsp chia seeds
Hazelnut butter and blueberry syrup drizzled on top.

After digesting one of my running friends picked Jewel and I up and we met a couple of other girls for our long run. During the run I realized that my polar watch was saying we had run quite a bit farther than their Garmins were saying. The Garmins run off satellites and are pretty accurate, so I figure my stride must be shorter outside than it is on the treadmill. I realized I probably had only run 17.5-18km my last run so ended up just doing 19km as that’s what the other girls were doing. Next week we’ll do 20-21km. By the end of the 19km run my watch was saying we’d run 20.86km. That’s quite a difference, so I’m going to have to calibrate it outside so it’s more accurate. After our run my friend and I stopped at the coffee shop to pick up some London Fog’s. We used to have a ritual of getting lattes after a couple runs every week, but it got too expensive! Today was a treat. Once home I stretched, gave Jewel a bath because she was muddy, cleaned the bathroom, then I showered. By the time I was done it was already 2pm and I needed lunch so I whipped up a quick egg sandwich.

I put half an avocado and a bunch of alfalfa sprouts on the sandwich with veggies on the side.

I was still feeling hungry so I had a spicy chocolate energy bar.

Love the chunks of cashew’s in the these bars.

After lunch I got started on laundry, vacuumed the house and then went grocery shopping. I felt pretty good today because I stayed within my budget of $50 on groceries per week. I loaded my two bags into my car, hopped in the driver’s seat, turned the key and nothing happened. My battery was dead. Great, just what I need! Luckily my brother was home and able to pick me up so I didn’t have to walk home in the cold wind without mitts or a toque. Fortunately I got my dad to help me start it with some booster cables when he got off work tonight. Apparently my battery looks pretty corroded so we’re going to try cleaning it to see if that will help. I’m crossing my fingers.
Supper was amazing, I made calzones.

I made a spelt crust and stuffed them with tomato sauce, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, sundried tomato and herb seasoning, Farro, black olives, and goat cheese.

I will post the recipe soon, but now I need to get to bed. I’m up early tomorrow for a quick trip into the city.


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Food Freedom Coach and 200HR RYT
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