Massage night

Last night I was in bed by 8 and almost had 10 hours of sleep. It was great and needed. This morning I braved the minus 41 degrees celsius with the wind chill and went for a swim. Of course the water was warm and welcoming. Breakfast was defrosted apple, cinnamon, hazelnut pancakes with almond butter, blueberry syrup and strawberries.

It was really good and quite satisfying. For lunch I heated up leftover split pea soup from the freezer.

With it I had a piece of toasted sprouted wheat bread. This soup is so comforting and filling, especially on a cold day like today. On the side I had a big kale salad massage with EVOO and topped with a chopped carrot.

Dinner was quick as I had a massage to get to. I stir fried up some cabbage, mushrooms, and a Roma tomato with sun-dried tomato and herb seasonings. With my veggies I had a leftover mixed bean burger and sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes look burnt in this picture but they honestly weren’t.

I had an hour long massage and I think about half of it felt good and the other half hurt. I had tight spots in my back, calves, glutes, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, and even near my right elbow and both thumbs. She did a really good job and I was sad to hear she was leaving at the end of the month to go on a road trip. One of my sisters is an RMT and she does a really good job too, but her work won’t let family book appointments on weekends as we get a discount. She lives 2 1/2 hours away so it’s impossible to get in with her during the week. So now I need to find someone else as I want to get regular massages to help keep me injury free. My benefits cover it so I figure I might as well use them. She gave me a couple of stretches, one for my back and another for my glutes and hips. I definitely felt they were tight, so I will be adding them to my stretching routine. After my massage I had some avocado chocolate pudding I had made yesterday along with lot’s of water. It’s just avocado, dates, carob powder, and vanilla pureed together. It hit the spot.


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