Bad Mom

This morning was one of those mornings, but I made it through and the day ended up going well. In the past two weeks my dog has peed on the floor four times. This is not like her at all, she can usually hold it all day if she has to. Naturally this got me worried, so I phoned the vet today and they got me in right at the end of the day. They told me I would need to take a pee sample so they could test her for a bladder infection or crystals. I had to make sure she had a full bladder when I brought her. So when I went home at lunch I let her out to pee then put her in her kennel so she would have an accident on the floor.

When I got to the vets they gave me this little dish attached to a stick that I had to use to catch Jewels pee in. So I took her in out in the parking lot and walked around with her, her leash in one hand and the pee catcher in the other. As soon as she squatted to pee I tried putting the collection dish under her but she was right up against a chunk of snow. So I scooped the dish behind her just in time to catch a small amount of pee watered down with some snow. Great. The vet said she would try to test it but wasn’t sure if it would be enough. In the meantime she did a physical on Jewel. Apparently she is a bit on the heavy side, because you can’t feel her ribs easily.

Once the vet came back in with the results she told me Jewel doesn’t have a bladder infection or more crystals than normal in her urine. She said she could be having accidents on the floor for a couple of reasons. One could be if she has estrogen responsive incontinence, this happens when she is lying down and the bladder sphincter opens up letting urine leak out. Apparently it is quite common in spayed females. The second reason could be behavioural, which is more common in cats not dogs. It could possibly be separation anxiety or lack of physical activity. I am thinking the latter, because ever since christmas I have really only been taking Jewel for three runs a week and no longer walks. She lays around inside all day while I’m at work so she’s only active when I take her out. Because of this I feel like a bad mom. My goal is to take Jewel for a walk and/or play fetch every day we don’t run. She is a blue heeler mix and they are very active dogs so I need to get better at taking her out. I do good in the summer, winters the challenging time.


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