18 turns into 19

Pre-run fuel

While I digested I mapped out my run on the map my run website and checked the temperature. It was -11 out and suppose to warm up to -4 once the sun came up. I decided to wear two base layers and a shell, when it’s colder I wear a base layer, polar fleece and a shell. I had a feeling I would be too hot with my polar fleece today and I was right. Both base layers were soaked in sweat by the time I got home. My last long run I had brought my hand-held water bottle. I love it for mid distance runs because it has a pocket for keys or a gel, but the mouth piece froze up last week. Today I decided to bring my camelback and filled it with warm water to prevent/slow freezing. The hose froze up on me before I took my first sip. So I was literally like a camel and ran the whole run without water. This seems to be a talent of mine. When I ran 48km in the Canadian Death race, I had bought a similar pack to a camelback, I think it was called a platypus. Anyways I bought it up in Grande Cache the day before the race. The hose ended up not working and I couldn’t get any liquid out of the bladder. Rule #1 for racing, don’t try anything new on race day. Anyone whose ran the Death race knows that they don’t have a lot of water stations, actually the whole 48km I ran I only came across one aid station with water and Gatorade. This was probably halfway through or just over so when I got there I had a couple of cups of water and a couple of cups of Gatorade, and an energy bar. I stashed a couple extra energy bars in my pack as I hadn’t taken in anything from the start and knew I would need them for energy. Why I hadn’t packed my own food and gels is because I was only supposed to run 19km, but that’s a story for another time. Anyways I ran the whole 48km with only 4 styrofoam cups of liquid at about the halfway point. Like I said, camel.
So I ended up running 19km this morning instead of 18km. The route was a bit longer than the computer had shown. It actually was about 19.5km, but after 19km I decided to walk the last half kilometer. I didn’t want to push it as I try to stick to the 10% rule and only increase my weekly distance by 10% each week, every 3rd week I drop my mileage down as a recovery week. I felt strong the whole run and didn’t get low on energy, it was great. The conditions were also better than last week as you can see by my pace.

Last week I ran 16km in 1:53:04 and this week I ran 19km in 1:55:10, that’s 3km more in just 2 minutes. The temperature was warmer, the roads less icy and there was less snow.

Post-run fuel

I drank my smoothie while I stretched, then showered and ate something more substantial. After lunch I headed into the city to pick up my new glasses and hit up chapters, Sports Chek and Costco. Can you tell I love nut butter.

My family makes jokes about my love for nut butters, but I’m not going there. Look what else I got.

A bed for Jewel. It has cedar chips mixed into the stuffing and smells great. She’s already passed out on it.

And yes she snores. This girl did great on our run today, she’s the best little running buddy I could ask for.


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