Busy day

I have been busy today. I started my morning with another bowl of banana whipped oatmeal, this time I also whipped in some cottage cheese. This has to be my absolute favorite combo. The cottage cheese makes the oats creamier and gives it a cheesy flavour I compare to a Danish, not to mention more protein.

After breakfast I made vegetable crackers from Brendan Brazier’s book “The Thrive Diet.” I had some trouble because I don’t have a food processor and tried using the Magic Bullet I got for christmas. It didn’t work so well, so I whipped out my mini food chopper and mixed the dough in batches. The recipe has tomatoes, celery, carrots, ground flax, sunflower seeds, almonds (I was out so I used walnuts), and some spices. Once it was mixed I spread it on a baking sheet and baked. I found it difficult to spread the mixture, but I think this may be because I didn’t blend it in a food processor. It stuck to my hands and the rolling-pin. I ended up sprinkling more flax on top to prevent this from happening. They came out of the oven a little crumbly.

These crackers aren’t bad, I think I could have baked them longer so they would be crispier and they could also use a touch more salt. After the crackers were packaged up. I set out for my 16 km run with Jewel. The forecast said it was -20 degrees celsius, but with the wind chill felt more like -30. Once Jewel and I got outside and moving I didn’t find it that bad at all. I have run outside when it’s been so cold I don’t even break a sweat and when I get home and jump in the shower my toes tingle because they’re thawing out. Today I broke a sweat and my toes and fingers were pleasantly warm. I was snowing out and I always find it seems to feel warmer when it’s snowing compared to clear skies. Of course my eyelashes and face where all frosted up when I got back. I meant to get a picture but my camera was upstairs and by the time I got my shoes untied the frost was all melted. Today I put short gators on to keep the snow out of my running shoes. I would like to get some spikes to fit over my shoes as well for when it’s icy. I think today they would have worked like a dream. It was slow going because there was fresh snow on top of ice, which made for slippery conditions.

I forgot to turn my foot pod on the first 2km so I actually ran 16.42km and as you can see from my average pace I wasn’t breaking any records. Running outside in Canada in the winter isn’t about speed. You have to slow down and just enjoy being able to get outside and breathe fresh air.

When I got back I stretched then because I really wanted to use my Magic Bullet again I made a green smoothie.

I put spinach, frozen mango, vanilla Vega protein powder, and skim milk. It was really good. this is my first time trying the Vega protein powder and I really liked it. It is a natural plant-based protein powder and has brown rice, hemp, and green pea protein in it. After my smoothie I had a hot shower to warm me up, then ate a real meal. I had leftovers from last night and some of the vegetable crackers I’d made earlier. It was filling and tasty.

Then because I haven’t baked and cooked enough for one weekend I made the spicy chocolate energy bars from “The Thrive Diet.” They have jalapeno’s in them to give them some heat. Again I had to use my mini chopper to mix and mix and mix. I soaked the dates in the recipe, but I think that made them too moist. Next time I will try the recipe without soaking them. I stored them in the freezer in the hopes that they will harden up.

Last weekend I wasn’t home so all I have wanted to do this weekend is stay home and cook and bake. I’m off to make some eggplant curry. Have a great evening.


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